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Thread: Delilah

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    People's honest opinions on name Delilah with Nn Lilah for Archie's sister! Surname is Williams! I love the sound of Delilah but not sure i actually like the look of it written down? I want something not really heard of but not too weird! Luna is looking at 2nd choice..

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    Some people have very strong opinions about the name-- I'm not one of them. The biblical allusion doesn't bother me at all, but it always bring to mind that song by the Plain White Ts which then gets stuck in my head for like the next six hours.

    I think it's a lovely name and I love Lilah as a nn. I'm in love with Luna too.

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    I personally do not like the name. I'm sure you will meet some that don't know that Delilah was a {lets say} not so honorable girl in the Bible.. but that doesn't make up for the population on the world who does know the meaning of the name. I personally wouldn't put that on my child even if it doesn't personally bother me (because you don't know how she will feel later on in life) but hey you can do whatever you like

    I think you could use Lilah, Lila, or Lyla on it's own though.. Luna is pretty too! GL

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    I like the melodic double l's, and I'm fond of Lila, Leila, Kelilah*, Laurel, Lilac, Lillian, etc. - sorry I'll stop now - but I just can't bring myself to like Delilah, it's got a lot of cultural baggage for me and seems like a strange choice to put on a little girl. I'd actually understand taking that as one's own name, but not giving it to a daughter.

    I do like Delia and Dahlia though.

    And I love Luna, it's beautiful.

    *Doesn't rhyme with Delilah. It has a lee-la sound in it.
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    I absolutely love the name Delilah... I think it's pretty, unique and has a solid history as it is an older name.

    I also like the name Luna but not as much as I like the name Delilah

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