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    Silas- he loves this, I only like it.- I think it's great. Hearing it on Weeds made me like it more for real life.
    Knox - LOVE, but getting popular. Still love it though. Named for John Knox the Scottish theologian.- I'm not wild about the sound personally. I wouldn't use it but I don't think it's too popular to use.

    Mordecai - probably only as a middle name, but who knows? nn Cai (Kai)- agree with a pp who said it sounds like a novel's antagonist.

    Luther - love, but out last name starts with L, so not sure. After Martin Luther, the theologian.- Luther plus L last name could sound a little action heroish. I like it as a middle though.

    Titus- not my style. Sounds pretentious in a weird way (sorry!)

    Duncan- after John Duncan, the Theologian.- I love Duncan! Have a friend by the name who is such a great guy. He's really tall and the nn Dunk fits his basketballer stature, plus his family is all from the UK (one generation removed from immigrants I think) so it's a cool name.

    Deacon- eh. I prefer Dean, also a title name but sounds less obvious.

    Shiloh- have Brad and Angelina ruined this for a boy?- no way have they ruined it for a boy. I think it's a lot classier on a boy than girl, actually.

    Shepherd - actually really like this one- yeah shepherd is nice. Kinda makes me think of a dog, but shepherds are typically quite smart much prefer this to the surnamey misspellings of Sheppard and Shepard.

    Ezekiel- nn Zeke- love it. I'd end up calling him zekie but I think it's totally adorable on a little boy, and striking, unusual on a young man but since its an established name it works.

    I'd say Duncan, Silas, Ezekiel, Shepherd.

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    I love the name Ezekiel, and I think Shiloh is really nice. (I know a wonderful, handsome teenaged boy named Shiloh).

    Some combos:
    Ezekiel Silas
    Shiloh Ezekiel
    Ezekiel Knox
    Shiloh Duncan
    Knox Mordecai
    Shiloh Mordecai
    Silas Mordecai
    Ezekiel Xavier
    Luther Ezekiel

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    My favorites are Knox and Luther despite Knox increasing a lot in popularity. There were still only 817 named in the U.S. last year...which is about 1/2400 boys. It could be like Mason 10 years from now, or maybe it won't.
    Personal Favorites: Mira Cairdeas and Darrow Paine

    Best Wishes To All

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    Silas - I like it. It has an edgy, vintage feel that a lot of interesting boys' names have lately. Similar names: Ezra, Nolan.

    Knox - Reminds me of a street name, but it rhymes unfortunately with "pox." Similar names: Elsworth, Linden.

    Mordecai - Awesome, totally underused. I love nickname Kai. Similar names: Casimir, Isaac.

    Luther - I dislike it. Sounds like a horror movie villain. Similar names: Ira, Alaric.

    Titus - Sounds like a bulldog, sorry. Similar names: Cassius, Lucas.

    Duncan - I know a Duncan, and the Dunkin' Donuts jokes are overwhelming. Similar names: Gregor, Michael.

    Deacon - Not bad, but doesn't catch my eye. Similar name: Cardinal, Bishop.

    Shiloh - Just reminds me of the dog in the famous book. Similar names: Uriah, Simon.

    Shepherd - It's a really obvious occupational name...bit awkward when he turns out to be a lawyer. Similar names: Mason, Baker.

    Ezekiel - I really like this one. It's a really interesting, unique Biblical name. I dislike Zeke, though. Similar names: Ephraim, Zachariah.

    Ezekiel Shepherd
    Silas Knox
    Silas Abraham
    Deacon Shiloh
    Mordecai Isaac
    Mordecai Silas
    Deacon Casimir
    Mordecai Titus
    Casimir Shiloh
    Adam Amedeo Avi Connor Dmitri Enjolras Leo Milo Ronan
    Artemis Cicely Elisabeth Evangeline Mirabelle Ophelia Rosalie Titania

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