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    I love Zane Caspian
    Zane Barnaby is also nice.
    No suggestions, I just wanted to say that

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    Honestly, the first thing that came to mind is Heathrow ... I know it's not technically an official name, but it just seems to go well. If it's too out there, Heathcliff would be another option, but I'm not sure I'd qualify Heathcliff as "quirky". Zane Aaron also has a fantastic flow. I think I kind of like that as a double barrel name, which would be quirky on a boy.

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    Cair Paravel :)
    Starting to toy around with some two-MN combos--what do you ladies think of these?

    Zane Alexander Rufus
    Zane Alexander Caspian
    Zane Alexander Grant
    Zane Sumner Isaac
    Zane Leopold Brave (I would for sure use a "B" second middle, in honor of my grandfather, whose "name" was L.B. No actual name, just two initials)
    Zane Leopold Bryn
    Zane Frederick Peter
    Zane Frederick Grant
    Zane Philip Grant
    Zane Arthur Grant
    Zane Alexander Sylvan
    Zane Alexander Conrad
    Zane Percival/Zane Pimpernel (meh, too fanciful? I love the idea of Pimpernel as a middle for a boy. How could a little boy not love the association to the Scarlet Pimpernel?! Is it too girly, though?)

    Just some ideas I'm tossing around; I'm not tied to any as of yet. Alexander and Isaac are particularly appealing as second middles, though, with significance to various things. Conrad and Sylvan reference where I'm from, too, so I sort of like the appeal of using those as middles. Anything you would tweak with these combos? Anything you really love?

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