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    Help me discover some names - I'm new!

    Just found out we are expecting (first pregnancy) but I've loved names for years....hopefully things go well and I will get to put naming into practice! So looking for input on my current list and looking for suggestions as well
    I don't know if I have a distinct stye...maybe I will learn.
    For a girl I'm looking for a short (one or two syllable) name. The middle name is Irene, firm decision. LN is 3 syllables, ends in N. I do not want a first name that ends in N or A (although I 'like' several names that end in N&A I don't think I would end up choosing one.) Here are some names I do like and I'll *try* to list them in order of preference...but there is no real frontrunner.
    In terms of popularity, In between top 100 and 1000 is good. Actually even anything out of the top 25.

    Carys/Caris (I prefer the 'i' spelling, but if the 'y' is traditional I would choose that)
    Gwen (no long form)
    Juno (LOVE but guilty pleasure, not happening)
    Josie (not interested in Josephine)
    Hana (spelling has personal connection)

    I don't know. If anyone can make suggestions or comments off of that, that would be helpful! I can add more "guidelines" if this is too broad....?

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