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    Tricky Nicknames

    Hey Berries!

    I've been having some issues with nicknames for my favorite names, especially with the ways the nicknames interact with each other for my prospective girls.


    I love this name but I don't like the nickname Pia and I don't know if people will jump right to Oly (which I don't mind as much). If I were to use Olympia I would use it with the anambara igbo name Onaedo nn Ona or the regular igbo name Olaedo nn Ola. Both of them mean something like precious jewel. That is where my next issue comes in...


    The only nicknames I find with this one are Stasi or Ana. Of the two I like Ana the best, I find it elegant and simple, but I can't go around with Ana and Ona! I find that annoying and know many others will agree. Even Ana and Ola kind of irks me. What do you think? Any other nicknames for this name I love?

    Bonus Question:
    Any nice nicknames for Athalie (this name is currently neck and neck with Anastasia although recent opinions have been pushing Anastasia ahead)

    Thanks for all your help!
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    I think Oly is very cute although I do not like Olympia. And for Anastasia how about Stasia? Or maybe Ann or Annie?
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    Well, in the movie Anastasia the main character goes by the nickname "Anya". Would that work with "Ona"?
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    mom2aboy I actually really like that! I never thought of that! Thanks!

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    Olympia could be Lolly or maybe Polly or Lola. Anastasia could be Ana, Anya, Stacy, Stasia, Annie, Nastia (though it isn't the best choice outside of Eastern Europe) Asia, Tasia? I think Lolly & Anya would be cute childhood nicknames for sisters.

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