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    Absolutely. I recently met a naturally conceived set of quadruplets. As far as I know it's not possible to naturally conceive anything more than quintuplets, and even that is shockingly rare.

    ETA: I've come across a few sets of triplets while doing genealogy research and photographing cemeteries. I remember seeing a set born in the 1870s, but the poor little souls didn't live longer than a day.
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    Lois- loved that link- thanks for sharing it.

    This site lists 1 in 8,100 chance of having triplets naturally (30% of triplets born are naturally conceived): Multiples in pregnancy - twins triplets quads identical and fraternal development information -
    Conceiving and carrying to term/birth are two different things. I think conceiving triplets may be more common than people think, but one or more babies does not survive - much like a "vanishing twin" where you would not even know you were ever carrying twins because the second baby was absorbed /stopped developing so early in the pregnancy that no symptoms occurred.

    Our youngest two started off in the womb as 3. So yes, I naturally conceived triplets. We only know this was a potential triplet pregnancy because I had a very early ultrasound (6.5 wks) because I have high risk pregnancies/maternal issues. We saw 3 babies, but only 1 heartbeat. Two weeks later, we saw 2 babies and 2 heartbeats. The triplet had been reabsorbed as we suspected may happen. If my pregnancy history was normal and I didn't have that ultrasound, we would have had no idea.
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    yes, but the higher the number the greater the risk that some or all of them do not survive to term or very long after birth
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    yeah, of course it can happen.
    I know someone who is a triplet, he and his brothers were born naturally and the parents didn't get any help to get pregnant either.
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    My grandma was a triplet her and her brothers were born nearly 60 years ago, so no medical help there. I don't know how close to full-term they were but they all were born of the boys died years later from an accident though :/
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