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    I have only known of the name used once on someone I know and that was on a woman, but I can totally see how it could be used on both genders and its unusual enough to be workable on either I would think.

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    I LOVE the name Taran for a boy. Probably because it's the name of the hero in my favorite book series, "The Prydain Chronicles". I never would have even dreamed of it being a girl's name. Totally recommend it.

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    The only Taryn (Tarren) I've ever met was a boy. A girl in my Spanish class had a baby girl last year and named her Taryn, but I think a spelling variation would make it usable for a boy.

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    I think Taryn is fine for a boy, but I would spell it Taron, Tarin, or Taren. Have you considered Talon? I like Talon best.

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    I don't like Taryn for a girl as it sounds made up, but I do think it is a female only name.

    Which I guess I don't like for either gender.

    But I do love Tarquin for a male.

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