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    My maternal grandparents I called Mimi and Grandpa. My paternal grandparents were English and I called them Granny and Grandad.
    I'm currently 4 months pregnant with my first and I'm still deciding what my parents will be called. I'm thinking something to honor the British line.
    My hubby's family is German, he called his grandparents Oma and Pops.
    My cousin's daughter calls her grandparents mimi and grampy and nana and papa.
    I called my Great grandmothers GiGi and Grammy Rocky.

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    paternal grandparents: Grandma and Bompa Surname (He's only set of grandparents who only married each other)

    We call my mom's mom and her step-dad, and her dad and step-mom, Grandma and Grandpa Surname as well. I called my step-dad's mom Grandma Surname, and never met his dad. Not really original lol..

    My niece calls my dad Grandpa, my mom Mamaw, my stepdad Papaw, (all the grandkids likely will unless they each come up with something on their own), her step-grandparents Grandma and Grandpa.
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    My dads mom is Grandma. Unfortunately my dads dad dies before I was born and moms parents died when I was very young. My boys call their grandparents Grandma/PawPaw (my folks) and Grandma/Grandfather (hubbys folks). When they need to differentiate between the grandmas they just add their first names. They call my grandma Great Grandma __________. The blank is a nickname they gave her. I wondered about how they would label all their grandparents and left it very much up to the kids what they called people.

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    Maternal grandfather: Since my mum practically hasn't ever had any contact with her dad, I usually refer to him as just Søren and occasionally 'Morfar Søren' which is the Danish word for grandfather (morfar: mother's father/motherfather; mormor: mother's mother/mothermother; farfar: father's father/fatherfather; and farmor: father's mother/fathermother). My mum calls him Daddy (even when speaking Danish), so to us kids, she has always referred to him as Granddad.

    Maternal grandmother: She's French so I've always called her mémé which is a pet form of grand-mère. Occasionally I also call her "mormor" or granny. I called her mémère when I was younger but that sounds silly now.

    Paternal grandfather: My father has always been Papa, so it seems logical that my grandfather became Papi. He died before I was born though.

    Paternal grandmother: Another grandparent I don't have contact to, I usually refer to her as "farmor".
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    Paternal are German, so always Oma & Opa.
    Paternal great-grandfather was Opa Peter. (His first name, I guess to distinguish him from regular Opa.) The grandmother had died long before I was born.
    Maternal were Nana and Poppa, even though they were VERY German, too. I didn't know them as a young child, and those were given by another cousin. Usually, when referring to them amongst immediate family, we'll say "Nana" but use the grandfather's first name. Not a close or very positive relationship, but an interesting character.

    Not sure what our kid will do. I like the idea of continuing the German tradition with Oma & Opa for my parents, but Oma is still alive and those names are SO very attached to those 2 people in my mind that it may be weird referring to my parents that way. Ours will be the first grandkid, so we might set the trend. Maybe my siblings should weigh in on it. My parents haven't expressed an opinion yet.

    DH's parents are already Grandma or Grandma Firstname and Granddad or Granddad Firstname by the niece & nephew, so that will probably continue. I love using Granddad instead of Grandpa; I had never really heard that before.

    ETA: DH's grandma is still alive, too, so she is called Grandma Firstname or Grandma Nickname by the greatgrandkids.

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