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    My grandparents are Nanny & Popop. Now my daughter calls them Nana & Popop. I still say Nanny so maybe she will end up calling her that as her language skills develop. We'll see.

    My daughter has both sets of grandparents and we've had name trouble since day 1. My husband is Russian and his family live here, but they live separate from all signs of American culture and speak English only at work (where they mostly just program computers & don't speak at all really) & to me, the only English speaker in their private lives. So they are Dieda & Baba. Dieda, sounding similar to the common American term for father & Baba, sounding like the common American baby-speak for a bottle. So my husband is called Papa by our daughter. Of our American friends, she is the only child who calls her father this, so we received various bibs, tshirts, books & cards that say Daddy, Dada & Dad. I also know that in stores non-Russian speakers have probably assumed that my elderly FIL was my husband cause my baby is screaming Dada at him.
    Meanwhile my mother told me she wanted to be called Grandmama. A mouthful that my daughter can't say. She started calling her Gigi, which my mother spent months refusing to be addressed as! She said it meant Great-Grandmother! She decided she would be ok with Gammy and that my daughter should be able to say that. Months later, she still can only say Gigi & my mom finally backed down. It was so sad for me to see my daughter get so excited and happy to be able to call her Gigi by something she could say & to get validated & get my mother's attention when she said Gigi! I really don't know what all of the trouble over Gigi did for her, but I guess she just enjoys any power play she can manage with me & she doesn't get many opportunities to really hold anything over me, so this was that for her!
    My father, my daughter calls him Dude. Yes, Dude. I think cause she hears me say Dad!

    Those are all the grands in my family!

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