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    My maternal grandparents are Nan and Pop, and my paternal grandparents are Grandmama and Grandpa. My great-grandmother is Gee Gee to almost everyone, and my great-grandfather was Paw Paw when he was alive. One of my great-grandmothers died when I was five... I think I called her Granny but I don't remember.

    My mom has already declared Gemma to be her "grandma name."
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    My grandparents were Nanna and Poppa (English grandparents) and Granny and Grampa. My parents are called Baka (sp?) (pronounced Bah-kah) and Grampa by my nephew. He couldn't say grandma, and for some reason just started calling my mom Baka, and it stuck. When we have children, I think my parents will just be Grandma and Grandpa, as will my husband's parents be. I would have loved for my mom to be Nanna, but she isn't fond of that grandparent name.

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    I call my grandparents Gramma and Grandpa on one side and just Nani on the other side.
    I remember my mom saying she would like to be called Nana when she becomes a grandmother.
    We called my great grandparents by Nanny/Grandma and then their first name. They were Nanny Grace and Grandma Alice.
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    I called my grandma and grandpa Mawmaw (said mam-ow) and Moose. My niece and nephew call my mother Memaw, and their other grandma Mimi. They call their grandfather Pawpaw. I imagine my kids will call my mother Memaw, and I'm not sure what they'll call my husband's mother (I guess we'll let her decide). My father-in-law insist on being called by his first name though.
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    My maternal grandparents are Granny and Grandpa (but pronounced Grampa) and my paternal grandparents are Nanny and Granda.
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