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    My mom's parents I call(ed) Grammy and Pappy. I believe my mom called her grandparents Grammy and Pop-pop. My dad's parents died before I was born.

    I don't have children, but my mom wants to be called Mimi or Mimsy possibly. Her name is Lynn so I always joked 'Gremlin' would be her grandma name, short for Grandma Lynn. My dad won't get much of a choice, he will probably be Grandpa Bill since he lives so far away. My step-mom would probably be called by her name. I don't plan on my kids spending much time with either of them.

    My step-grandparents were Memmie and Pap-pap (he was my step-mom's step-dad, so he was my step-step-grandfather if you can make any sense of that). I never met my great-grandparents.
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    I called my grandparents Mimi and Pop. I called my other grandma "Grandma Eileen", but she died before I could speak, so only in reference. I imagine her husband (Dad's dad) would have been Grandpa or Grandpa Charlie.
    I called my great grandma "Grandma Great".

    For now, we call of Lillian's grandparents "Grandma" or "Grandpa" and sometimes add their first names. We call her step-grandparents by their first names (they started it, actually, but introducing themselves to her). My mom had said she wanted to be called "Kiki", but that hasn't happened yet.
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    Nanna and Pa

    Granny and Roy

    No idea why I called my grandfather by his first name!
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    My mum's parents had their kids in their thirties so there were no living great grand parents by the time I was born. On my dad's side my nanna's parents died very young in a car crash and my pop's parents died relatively young too. So none on that side either!

    My dad's parents were Pop and Nanna I only met Pop when I was a baby though as he died six months after I was born so I never actually got to call him that properly.

    My mum's parents are Grandma and Granddad. Grandma used to refer to herself as Grandmama on occasion, lol. And my autistic cousin calls her Ma-Ma. They're both still going strong though at ninety two and eighty seven I doubt they'll see me have kids
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    I called my dad's parents Grandma and Grampy Rubin, while my mom's parents are Nana and Grampy.
    The only great grandparent I knew was my Great Grammy.

    My little niece calls my dad Papa which is the most adorable thing in the world the way she says it. But that started long before she was born because I called him Papa Rubin one time to my friends and it just completely stuck. Even teachers and my coaches all knew him as Papa Rubin. In fact, more people in town know him as Papa Rubin than they do as Jeffrey or Jeff. He's a very big, nice man most of the time. Think like Santa Clause kinda jolly, so papa just fits perfectly
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