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    One more idea for a boy: Simon Donovan. That guy was awesome. A total hero and clever, and he was into CJ, which makes me like him even more. And he comes with a built in middle name. Seriously, my votes are for Claudia Jean or Simon Donovan. But probably don't use them on a brother and sister, because that would be weird.

    Also, I was trying to remember middle names for your list. Some come up on the episode where the special prosecutor was issuing subpoenas. I think that Eleanor Emily and Zoey Claire are accurate. Samuel Norman Seaborn was also in another episode. Was Josh Joshua Noah Lyman after his dad, or am I just making that up? Leo was Leo Thomas McGarry. Toby is Tobias Zachary, which is a great combo.

    (Can you tell that I have all the DVDs and watched the entire show three times during my maternity leave? I don't even want to think about the fact that I can't remember how old I am without having to count, but I know Toby's middle name.)
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