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    HA! The West Wing is enormously important to my family too! My father literally rewatches the entire series every Christmas/New Years break. LOVE it.

    Love Josiah, Joe (not Joseph), Oliver, Leo, Charlie, and Tobias; and Eleanor, Amelia (How did I not realize Amelia was her real name?!), Louise, and Josephine.

    Maybe you could use Quinn for Quincy or Tobin for Tobias (As I remember, CJ actually calls Tobey this at some point)? Pierce could work as a first name for a boy, and Margaret, Elizabeth and Eleanor have so many nicknames to choose from! If you use one of those you can easily personalize them. And actually, Joe can be a better nn for Josiah than Jed.
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    CJ (Claudia Jean) Cregg - Claudia Jean is really nice, so are a lot of different CJ combos!
    Kate Harper - Katharine/Catherine, Caitlin, Katia, Katerina. I love a LOT of the forms of Katharine!
    Carol - I love Caroline
    Liz (Elizabeth) - Elizabeth is classic, and I don't mind nickname Liz.
    Zoey - Prefer Zoe, same pronunciation, fix up the spelling.
    Abbey (Abigail) - Popular, but not bad.
    Amy - I dislike Amelia, but like just Amy by itself, it stands alone fine. Works well amongst all of today's Avas and Ivys, but you hardly ever hear of a baby Amy.
    Joey (Josephine) - Josephine NN Joey is a bit Dawson's Creek for me, but the good things about Josephine are that a) it's a beautiful classic and b) has a range of nicks, Jo/Joey/Josie/Posy etc.
    Molly - Love this.

    Josh (Joshua) - Bland but not bad.
    Toby (Tobias) - Love.
    Sam (Samuel) - Like Sam short for Samson more.
    Jed - Jedidiah makes more sense to me than Josiah. And Jed is cowboy cool.
    Leo - I like Leonardo or Leon best of the Leo- names but Leopold is okay.
    Danny Concannon - I like Dan alone or Daniel, but not Danny as a legal first name.
    Joe Quincy - I like Joel or Josiah more than Joseph. I don't like Joe alone. Actually, I think I prefer Quincy.

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    Love annabeth!

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    I can't tell you how many times I seriously considered trying to get to the initials CJ for my daughter. CJ and Charlie are two of my favorite characters ever in anything. I mean, who wouldn't want their kid to be like Charlie? Josiah, Abigail, Toby, and Matt all clearly had some moral issues at various times, but Charlie was just a rock star. Danny was also a good guy. Don't forget Gail the goldfish when you are considering West Wing names.
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    I love Amelia (Though I prefer Mia as the nn) and Mallory for girls. I love Charles nn Charlie and Joshua nn Josh for boys
    Not expecting, just having fun collecting names!

    My name is Erin. I am 24 years old and I have been a proud name nerd since I was 10.

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