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    Names you like from these character names? Major family significance!

    Hi berries! The tv show The West Wing is very important in my family (it just is). I think the best way to honor my family with names would be to use part of a name from the show or a variation. Please look at this list of boy names from the show. Are there any you like? Are there any good variations of these?

    Toby (Tobias) Zachary Ziegler
    Josh (Joshua) Lyman
    Jed (Josiah) Bartlet
    Sam (Samuel) Seaborn
    Will (William) Bailey
    Charlie (Charles) Young
    Leo (Leopold) McGarry
    Danny Concannon

    Less important/significant characters:
    Ryan Pierce
    Oliver Babish
    Joe Quincy
    Ron Butterfield
    Bruno Gianelli

    Which ones do you like for baby boy names? Or if you can think of any variations of any of them that would he great! Also, check out the girls version!
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    { Jack :: Leo :: Elliot }

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