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    It's a bit silly. I can't really see it as a name. For me it will always be the color of a cat, and male calico cats are sterile, which is really all that comes to mind when I think of calico and boy/male together. Sorry. And if it were to be used, it is more feminine in nature to me.
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    Calico is a coloring usually only seen on female cats, and it sounds rather feminine. A friend of mine knew someone named Callum, though (nn Call) and that may be an alternative.
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    Calico: a fabric with flowers on it (think Little House on the Prairie, it's like chintz) or a colouring found in mostly female cats.

    It feels VERY girly to me. It's adorable. But it's one of the few -o names that feels truly girly to me.

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    I like Calico as a male's name.

    It does have the pirate association with Calico Jack so it can be seen as manly

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    I automatically think cat... most calicos are female

    I don't think I could take a Calico seriously though, might be better as a middle or a nickname.

    Calico Jack's real name though was: John Rackham

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