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    1. Amos Henry
    2. August Charles
    3. Henry Andrew (I would have preferred Henry Charles)
    4. Orlando Charles
    5. Rhys Andrew
    6. Conrad Henry
    7. Levi Andrew
    8. Hollis Andrew
    9. Milo Andrew (It kind of half rhymes, sort of.)
    10. Orlando Andrew (This is definitely too rhymey for me to cope with!)

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    August Charles
    Henry Andrew
    Milo Andrew

    the rest are nms. August is my FAVORITE favorite (#1 on my list as well). Henry is darling. Milo has grown on me too. I'd suggest August Henry.
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    From favorite to least:

    Orlando Charles
    Orlando Andrew (though the -an in both names doesn't flow as well)
    Hollis Andrew
    Amos Henry
    Conrad Henry
    Rhys Andrew
    Milo Andrew
    August Charles
    Levi Andrew
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    My thoughts on the names:
    Milo Andrew - I really like the name Milo, he's wholesome and sounds refreshing. But Milo doesn't have a very strong sound unlike Josiah, Stella, and Emma. Milo feels a little to soft next to his half siblings.

    August Charles - August is a great name, very handsome with a great summery feel. I like how August looks and sounds, especially with Charles. August Charles has a fantastic flow and is really strong in sound, yet still sounds fresh. August works with Josiah, Stella, and Emma.

    Henry Andrew - Henry is a great classic, sounds very handsome and has great flow. Henry Andrew is a very strong combination. I like the natural flow of them.

    Hollis Andrew - For me Hollis is a middle name choice, in my eyes the sound of Hollis is just to weak in a way to work as a first name for a boy. Whereas Hollis would sound awesome as a middle name for Elijah or Nathaniel.

    Rhys Andrew - I dislike the flow of Rhys and Andrew together. Rhys is a great Celtic name but I just dislike Rhys with Andrew. I prefer Rhys Henry.

    Levi Andrew - Levi is a brilliant choice, my favourite boy's name for a LONG time now. Levi sounds great has this soft, wholesome appeal. I also love the religious connotations of Levi. Levi Andrew has a great flow but I would prefer Levi Henry just sounds way cuter.

    Amos Henry - Ugh I hate Amos, it's so unattractive.

    Orlando Andrew/Orlando Charles - I love Orlando, yes he's associated with one attractive individual ; ) but he's also associated with Florida and the Shakespearean play 'As you like it'
    so in all honesty the association of Mr Bloom isn't really a flaw. There are a lot associations. Orlando is a great choice! I dislike Orlando with Andrew it doesn't have a good flow. Orlando Charles is great though.

    Conrad Henry - I like Conrad he sounds edgy but I hate the flow of Conrad Henry. Would prefer Conrad Andrew.

    Micah Henry
    Andre Charles
    Hugo Charles
    Wilson Henry
    Liam Andrew
    Elias Henry
    Reuben Andrew
    Samuel Charles
    Cormac Henry

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