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    Orlando (Bloom is such a tiny association for such a big name. I love it. Definitely not with Andrew, though. Too much “And”)
    Milo (One of my favorites. Works equally well on a baby and an elder)
    August (Auggie and Gus are two of the cutest nicknames ever)
    Rhys (simple and slight, but still dashing)
    Amos (A more unique/fun Biblical name)
    Conrad (I really like this name, but I don’t like any of your middle name options with it)
    Henry (a perfectly nice name, but I like it as a middle to some of your more fun names)
    Levi (I see this name on so many children where I live)
    Hollis (reminds me of Holly, Holland, and Hollandaise)

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    Milo Andrew - Ehh...I'm unsure about this.
    August Charles - Ditto.
    Henry Andrew - Love it!
    Hollis Andrew - Love Hollis! (For either gender.)
    Rhys Andrew - Don't like. Sorry.
    Levi Andrew - I think this goes the best with the sibset.
    Amos Henry - Love Amos and Henry! But don't know if it goes with the sibset.
    Orlando Andrew - I dont feel like this is a good sibset with your step children, but it is a nice name. It reminds me of a character from a Shakespearen play.
    Orlando Charles - Prefer Charles for the middle name, but Ander might be better because of family.
    Conrad Henry - Not a big fan of Conrad.
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    Milo, Henry and Levi go best, IMHO with your step-children's names.


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    August Charles (I have a love for August or Augustus because Gus as a nickname is terribly adorable - Remember the little mouse in Cinderella?)
    Henry Andrew (Henry is a great classic name, again I don't like Andrew here, would follow with Charles)
    Milo Andrew (I like Milo, not mad on Andrew to follow though)
    Rhys Andrew (Nice Welsh name, everything works here)
    Amos Henry (Sweet sounding name)
    Conrad Henry (This works well with the sibset, not my fav though)
    Hollis Andrew (No love for this name)
    Levi Andrew (Not a fan of Levi, always think of a pair of jeans)
    Orlando Andrew (yes, I don't think people will think of Shakespeare but instead Orlando Bloom.)
    Orlando Charles (Never been a fan of place names or Orlando Bloom.)
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    Rhys Andrew
    Milo Andrew
    Levi Andrew (Although I feel that Levi is coming up in the lists if that is a factor for you)
    Conrad Henry
    Henry Andrew ( I think Henry Charles sounds much better)
    August Charles

    I really dislike Amos, Hollis and Orlando. Amos is just really old sounding, and I can't help but think of the book Amos Fortune, Free Man. Hollis has always been a female name where I'm from, so I think it would be clunky on a boy. And Orlando just has too many associations, Florida city, Bloom, and I think it sounds too different from the step-children's names (Biblical, Feminine, Feminine)

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