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    Favorite to least:
    1. Milo Andrew
    2. Henry Andrew
    3. Rhys Andrew
    4. August Charles
    5. Levi Andrew
    6. Conrad Henry
    7. Amos Henry
    8. Orlando Charles
    9. Orlando Andrew
    10. Hollis Andrew

    I think you have a great list of names here. The only ones I really am not a fan of are Hollis Andrew and Orlando Andrew. Hollis seems a bit old and stuffy, especially with your stepchildren's names. They're older and classic but somewhat stylish now. Plus, Hollis seems somewhat effeminate to me (maybe because it's so similar to Holly?). Orlando Andrew does not flow at all. Orlando Charles is much better. I did immediately think of Bloom, but I don't think it's a big deal. Nevertheless, it is a rather bold name compared to the siblings' names.
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    My picks

    1. Rhys Andrew
    2. Milo Andrew
    3. August Charles
    4. Henry Andrew
    5. Levi Andrew

    Not a big fan:
    6. Orlando Charles
    7. Hollis Andrew
    8. Conrad Henry
    9.Orlando Andrew
    10. Amos Henry

    the last five just don't seem to work with your step-children's names as well.

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    The List:
    4 Milo Andrew. Love Milo, wonder how it ages. But middle name is a solid option if he wants something more mature, M. Andrew Lastname is a nice signature.
    5 August Charles. I personally love the nn gus. Better than auggie...
    1 Henry Andrew. Can't go wrong with such a classic, handsome name.
    3 Hollis Andrew . maybe should have put this second. I would use Hollis myself except the Ln for mine would start with an S. Sad face.
    7 Rhys Andrew. I'm so so on the name out loud but still don't love this spelling. Makes me think of the type of monkey. Maybe should have ranked it lower.
    2 Levi Andrew. Levi is growing on me quickly. I like the sound of it.
    6 Amos Henry. Had a professor in college by this name, pronounced it ah-mus, not aye-mes.
    10 Orlando Andrew. too rhymey/repetitive.
    8 Orlando Charles. Yeah Orlando is strongly associated with the actor, but I (due to geographical proximity) think of Disney.
    9 Conrad Henry. Sounds a little country old school (thinking of Conrad twiddy or however it was). Don't like the nn con or rad... Prefer Connor actually.

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