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    1)Hollis Andrew
    2)Conrad Henry
    3)Henry Andrew
    4)Rhys Andrew
    5)August Charles

    And I'm not a big fan of any of the remainder

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    Love your list of names! They all have a nice flow with your stepchildren's names.

    1. Orlando Charles - personally I really like the name Orlando , this one has a nice mix of 'different, but familiar' at the same time.
    2. Orlando Andrew - I think Charles flows a little better than Andrew with the fn as Orlando..
    3. Henry Andrew - With all combos you listed, this one seems to be the only one with family ties for both fn and mn. I think it's great!

    out of 4-10, 4-7 are, imo, good fn/mn combos. 8-10 just aren't my style...
    4. August Charles
    5. Conrad Henry
    6. Milo Andrew
    7. Levi Andrew
    8. Rhys Andrew
    9. Amos Henry
    10. Hollis Andrew

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    My rankings:

    1.August Charles
    2.Conrad Henry
    3.Milo Andrew
    4.Orlando Charles
    5.Levi Andrew
    6.Henry Andrew
    7.Orlando Andrew
    8.Hollis Andrew
    9.Amos Henry
    10.Rhys Andrew

    I honestly don't think the Bloom reference is going to be an issue. I also like how Orlando flows much better with Charles; maybe the jump from the o to the a is what makes Orlando Andrew seem awkward. It seems like Rhys is a really popular name on this site; is it from some kind of show that I've missed out on? I think most people that see it on paper aren't going to know how to pronounce it, so I'm not too keen on it.
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    Since you're honouring family members with your mn choices, I'm not going to worry if the fn blends into the mn. Family meaning trumps flow all the time.

    The combos I like are...

    Milo Andrew - goes particularly well with Stella and Emma.
    August Charles - matches the strength of Josiah
    Conrad Henry - See August
    Amos Henry - has the same Biblical flair as Josiah
    Orlando Charles - romantic choice
    Rhys Andrew - strong name for one-syllable

    Dislike these combos because...

    Orlando Andrew - too heavy on the "an" sound. Yes, I think of Orlando Bloom as well as Shakespeare and other literary characters and the place in Florida. It's got everything, doesn't it?

    Henry Andrew - Two fine names that sound kind of "bland" together.

    Levi Andrew - Josiah and Levi are "i" heavy. Maybe it doesn't bother you though?

    Hollis Andrew - I like this name but next to the strong and masculine Josiah, Hollis would sound like a wimp (especially if he gets the nn Holly).
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