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    Willo as a nickname for William?

    There is an Irish Footballer who currently plays in the Scottish Premier League called Willo Flood. I never really thought anything of his name, I just thought it was a little different for a boy to be called Willo. But I have just Googled his name and I found out Willo is his nickname and William is his first name. What are you thoughts on Willo for a William?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I love Willo for William! It's not a stretch at all, but still more unusual than Will. Go for it!

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    I like it. I think it's a fine nickname. With William being #5 and Liam being#6, Willo may stick out more. Plus he can use something else if he tires of it.

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    I'm not a huge fan of Willo as a planned nickname--it sounds like Willow. But if it just comes about from tossing around Will and Will-o then I'm more comfortable with it. I know that's irrational.

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    I like it! The first time I encountered Willo(w) was the movie when I was a kid. Until recently I always thought of it as a boy name. Now of course it is rapidly being used for girls, but I still see it as a boy name. I think it is super cute as a nn for William!

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