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    You: Gwyneth Elise "Gwen"
    Job: Interior decorator
    DH: Jasper Augustine
    DH and I met while on a vacation in London at a coffee shop.
    We had a big wedding at a fancy hotel and went on a cruise to Alaska for a honeymoon.

    Pregnancy 1: DS Callum Andrew
    Pregnancy 2: DD/DD/DD/DD Isla Rose, Isolde Faye, Iris Grace, Irina Ann

    We buy a new home in Sydney, Australia

    Pregnancy 3: DD/DD/DD Evangeline Ruth "Evie", Eleanor Marie "Ella", and Elsa Claire "Elsie"

    Adopt a pet cat Mr. Giggles

    Pregnancy 4: DS/DS/DD Caspian Wade, Cassius Ray, and Cassandra Mae

    Jasper, Gwen, Callum, Isla, Isolde, Iris, Irina, Evie, Ella, Elsie, Caspian, Cassius, and Cassandra

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    Where the river split in three
    Me: Demi Alice
    Job: I'm a doctor, children specialist
    DH: Gregor Lewis
    How we met: During a visit in London, we saw and share a coffee.
    Wedding: We got the small wedding on the beach
    Honeymoon: We go on a cruise in the Caribbean sea.
    First pregnancy: A little girl call Amanda Olive
    Personality: Amanda is kinda lazy but she is super nice toward (almost) everyone. She has a heart big like the Earth but a real crybaby.
    Second pregnancy: Lila Rose, Destiny Anya, Peter Jason, Michaela Janice and Willow Lindsay
    Personality: Lila is helpful but coward, Destiny is strong psychologically but selfish, Peter is affectionate but dependent, Michaela is organize but stressed easily and Willow is careful but self-centered.
    New house: We move to Sydney, AUS.
    Third pregnancy: It's a baby boy! His name is Jackson Mason
    Personality: Relaxed but silly and very optimistic.
    Pet: We adopt a cat call Peanut
    Fourth pregnancy: We have a girl. Her names is Aurora Lovely
    Personality: She a modest little girl but very clumsy.
    Life amazingness: Amazing.
    Just a Quebecer teen obsess with name since her childhood. Aspiring at becoming a writer and my character are my children. Naming them is as important as giving a name to a baby.
    My favorite change all the time
    Current for boy: Reid
    Current for girl: Angelika

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    You: Jane Eleanor Manning
    Job: university teacher

    DH: Alastair Rex Wright
    You and your husband met when you were on vacation. You were visiting London for the summer and saw him when you were out getting coffee. You two shared the coffee and fell in love.

    You have a small wedding on the beach

    Honeymoon: Amazon

    First pregnancy: Callum Frederick
    First kid personality: Studious and carefully analyzing any situations, very emotional and emphatic

    Second pregnancy: Leonor Marie, Lisbeth Malin, Lucinda May, Louisa Molly

    New house:
    London, England

    Third pregnancy: Anwen Juno, Ada Josephine, Aurelie Jane

    Pet: Samson the Cat

    Fourth pregnancy: Raphael Ames, Archer Barnaby, Timea Cecily

    Jane and Alastair with Callum, Leonor, Lisbeth, Lucinda, Louisa, Anwen, Ada, Aurelie, Raphael, Archer and Timea.

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    You: Priscilla Imogen Mathers - Stage Actress/Dancer (Broadway)
    DH: Crispin Hugh

    You and your husband met when you were on vacation. You were visiting London for the summer and saw him when you were out getting coffee. You two shared the coffee and fell in love.

    Wedding: You have a medium wedding in a nice church
    Honeymoon: Honeymoon in Prague

    First pregnancy: Helena Rose/Hazel Aurora

    First kids personality: Helena is bubbly and smiley - she knows no strangers. Hazel is a little shy with a quiet sense of humor

    Second pregnancy: Iris Magnolia/Linnea Poppy/Jessamine Daisy

    New house:London, England

    Third pregnancy: Clementine Louise/Cecelia Lorraine/Charlotte Lucy

    Dog named - Grover

    Fourth pregnancy: Edmund Matthias/Dominic Theodore/Camilla Margaret

    Crispin and Priscilla
    Helena, Hazel, Iris, Linnea, Jessa, Clemmie, Celia, Lottie, Edmund, Dominic, and Camilla with Grover

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