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Thread: Hayes?

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    Question Hayes?

    As you may have guessed from the title, I've recently been loving the name Hayes, for my baby boy due in November. I love how laid-back and preppy it feels, and the way it easily rolls from the tongue. I only have two issues with it that I was hoping for some advice/opinions on:

    1) I love the name, but I'm not sure about how well it 'goes' with my son's name, Flynn. I know sibling sets shouldn't be hugely important, but it would be nice if their names went together. The two names have different feels for me - my son is energetic and sociable, a kind of "cheeky chappy" if you will, so that's the imagery his name brings, whereas Hayes feels quieter and more easygoing. Could it work?

    2) I don't want to get roped into a one-syllable name trend. My partner and I are planning on having at least three kids, hopefully more. Would it look odd if I had two children with one-syllable names and a third with a longer name?

    Thank-you for your time.
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    Thank you all for your help!

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    I think Flynn and Hayes make a nice sibset. I really don't think that with two children you are stuck with many limits. However, if you name baby 3 and 4 with one syllable names, it might be odd to have a longer name that far down the road.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention how handsome I think the name Hayes is!
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    I don't mind the two names together. Both are surnames so they "fit". However, the name Flynn has more spunk than Hayes which seems more serious to me. That might have something to do with the fact that Hayes sounds like the word "haze" (eg. someone in a confused state). You could always use it in the middle spot if you don't want to start a one-syllable name pattern. CNN reporter Anderson Cooper has Hays as his mn.
    All the best,

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    I think Hayes is really cool! I think they go well together. Of course they don't match completely but they will be different boys with different personalities and I think it will work out perfect.

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    I think Hayes is awesome!

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