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    I don't think it's too out there but I know what you mean about wishing you had the guts to use it. Saffron is of my favorite names but I'm not sure I would be brave enough either. One thing that might help is to think of what you may name future children if you do go with Saffron. Would you be comfortable with Saffron and Alice, or Saffron and Jamie in the future?

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    Saffron is a great name but you say it's out of your comfort zone. Are you going to be able to confidently stand up for Saffron when it gets negative feedback? Will your feeling be hurt when you get strange looks or mean comments? I'm all for unusual names IF that's who the parents are. Looking at your list, it is probably too out there for you.

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    I love Saffron, and it does seem significant the way the name came to you. It's gentle and easy to pronounce; not that crazy at all! Alice is sweet, too.

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    I thought about using that name too for our daughter due in December, but I have a son named Sage and thought it might be a little too spicy to match my other kids, Orion, Cerridwen, and Rowan.
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    I like the story but given your other favorite names, and the prospect of what to name future siblings, I'd relegate it to the middle spot. I think you should use it but I would think about how it might influence your naming style for the rest of your family.

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