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    Is Saffron too out there?

    Hi everyone! This is my first time starting my own thread, I hope you can all help.

    My husband and I are expecting a little girl, and yesterday, the weirdest thing happened with respect to our name list. At about 10am, I was sitting at my computer at work, and the song "Mellow Yellow" came on, and I thought "Oh, Saffron, that's a really nice name, I'll add it to the list." It didn't really trump my favorites so far, but then, that evening, as my husband Derek was consulting our spice encyclopedia for dinner, he flips to a page and goes "What about Saffron?!"

    Everyone at work here thinks it's a "sign" that we thought of the same name, independently, the same day, but to be honest, it's not quite in our comfort zone, although I think we both wish we had the guts to use it. The other thing is, our last name sounds like "lip", so does that rule out names that have to do with flavors? (We have already figured out that it rules out Harry and Rosie, haha).

    Our other favorite names so far are: Eliza, Alice, Joanna, Gillian, and maybe Jamie, after my dad James.

    What do you guys think?
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    I love Saffron. It is unusual (with British flair), not super-frilly, and easily pronounced. I like the nn Saffy as well. I'd say go for it. I don't see any issue with your last name.

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    Go for it! It's so cute and the nicknames that come along with it are adorable!! : )
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    Go for it, I say. I don't think Saffron is way out there, although I can see that your other choices are more traditional, but I think Saffron is just adorable - and it's a nice story to tell the kid when she's older about her name.

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    I don't think it's out there at all. I know a couple of Saffrons, and I think it's a very sweet name - it's bright and warm and makes me think of summery afternoons. And it's so cool that you both thought of it on the same day like that! Almost like it was meant to be
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