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    lets talk about Winslow

    This is one of my recent name crushes, I love the -o endings and sounds soft yet masculine. What do you think of the name?

    Also, what do you think would be a nice middle name for Winslow. I am liking Winslow Felix and Winslow Tobias. Any suggestions?

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    Winslow isn't really my style because of a few factors. For me, Winslow will always be the mouse living in CatDog's house. I also see "window" when I look at it. I can also see teasing potential playing off the "slow" part of the name. Just thought those were all worth your consideration.

    That said, while it's an older name I don't think it would look out of place what with a few Milos and Harlows running around. It has a nice sound. Out of your combos, I like Winslow Felix the best!

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    I feel Winslow is one that, although originally masculine, will sadly be won over by the girls. It lends itself to the nn. Winnie which I think is totally cute (on a girl obviously). For a boy I would therefore try and team it with a strong, undeniably masculine, perhaps more traditional, name like:
    Winslow John
    Winslow Edward
    Winslow Michael
    Winslow Joseph


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    I like the sound of it a lot, but I do agree the "slow" part of the name could be a problem. Maybe not though... maybe Winslow will grow up to be a track star

    I don't think Winnie is an exclusively female NN... Winnie the Pooh was male, and Win is a striking NN for a boy, so there's still hope. You could also look at Winston, Windsor, or Winsome as similar options.
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    I really like Winslow, imo it is all male. Winslow fits in well with the popular O-sounds and the surname names. I would love to meet a little boy named Winslow. Oh, and Winslow Felix sounds great!

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