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    Girls name for Archie's little sister...

    I am finding girls names so hard!
    If Archie was to be a girl he was going to be Lola.. However I now know of about 10 Lola's!
    Other names I like similar to this are Luna, Lilah & Lilac.
    My OH likes Delilah with Nn Lilah however quite a few people keep saying to me I'd be mean to call my child Delilah after the meaning in the bible I haven't got a clue what this meaning is, but wouldn't want her to have to live with something awful for the rest of her life! I do want something not so common that will match Archie!
    So what's its to be.... Luna, Lilah/Delilah, Lilac or stick with Lola? I seem to love L names! Haha

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    Archie & Luna make a great pair.

    I wouldn't be too concerned about the Biblical reference, especially since you yourself are not invested in the Bible, or at least are not familiar with the particular story. Most children don't read the Bible when they're little anyway, so I don't think teasing would be an issue.

    Other ideas:
    Minerva nn Min, Minnie
    Lucille nn Lucy
    Rosalind nn Rose, Rosie
    Harriet nn Hattie
    Matilda/Mathilde nn Mattie, Tillie, Millie
    Caroline nn Carrie, Caro
    Georgia nn Georgie
    Charlotte nn Lottie, Lotta, Lotte
    Fiorella nn Elle, Ella
    Amelia nn Meli, Mia, Amy
    Tallulah nn Lula, Tally
    Margaret nn Marge, Meg
    Cornelia, Cordelia, Delia
    Camille, Camilla
    Adam Amedeo Avi Connor Dmitri Enjolras Leo Milo Ronan
    Artemis Cicely Elisabeth Evangeline Mirabelle Ophelia Rosalie Titania

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    I'm ranking the names

    #1 I'm going to say j'adore the name Delilah...
    I grew up in a religious family and am very aware of the story, however I am unfazed by it as there are lots of biblical names out there and when I hear a name I don't necessarily jump to a biblical association. (do you think of Noah's Ark when you hear Noah... I didn't think so)
    ---- Just for the common knowledge... In the bible there was a man called Samson who was given supernatural strength by God to combat his enemies and had one Achilles heel. The woman he loved most in the world Delilah was offered a large sum of money by his enemies, for tricking him into telling her the secret to his strength. After a few tries he told her and she betrayed him for the money... so he lost everything

    #2 Lilac
    I love the color and the flower association and I think it is a very unique take on the double L names (lola, lily, lila, lulu) that seem to be quite popular lately.

    #3 Luna
    I think this name is short and sweet with a little spunk to it... however in comparison to Delilah and Lilac I don't think it's as cutesy. It is still a gorgeous name, though I just prefer the other options.

    #4 whilst Lola is a very nice name... I just prefer the other options. It is cute and has pizazz but I just think the other names are better. All in all these are all great names, I just ranked my preferences.

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