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Thread: Names?

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    Hello everyone!

    I'm having my third child and wanted some opinions on these names. what i came up with so far is

    Stella Moon -F
    Roman Michael -M
    Ramona Ivy -F
    Arwen ??? (any suggestions on middle name?)



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    Stella Moon - I generally love word names but I steer away from this one (moon) because of the colloquial meaning - I would just think of that whenever I said it unfortunately. I would go for one of the beautiful names that have meanings to do with the moon. Stella Soleil or Stella Selene are both very pretty. Have you considered Estrella? It also means "star-like" and is less commonly-used than Stella. Which you could still use as a nickname.

    Roman Michael - Handsome. I like it a lot.

    Ramona Ivy - Totally my kind of name. Quirky and spunky. Makes me think of a 1930's beauty.

    Arwen - I know there is a ton of "discussion" about whether Arwen can be said to be Welsh or have Welsh roots. The boys' name Arwyn/Arwin seems to be agreed upon as having ancient history, Old English, etc, etc - but the Arwen spelling comes from Tolkien. So if you love LOTR, great! It is a beautiful name. If you do not, and you live outside the UK, you will often be asked about it (maybe even if you do, I'm not sure!). "You must be huge LOTR fans, right?" etc. If you're okay with that then go for it! Based on your other likes, I would suggest:
    Arwen Estelle
    Arwen Luna
    Arwen Bellatrix (a star)
    Arwen Lyra (a constellation)
    Arwen Phoebe (one of Saturn's moons & associated with the moon in Greek mythology)

    Arwen Clover
    Arwen Journey
    Arwen Fable


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    Stella Moon -F Stella is a great name but all I think of is Marlon Brando in Streetcar Named Desire although that movie is so old I'm probably the only person that thinks that.
    Roman Michael -M Roman has always been one of my favorite names and pairing is with the classic name Michael creates a strong and creative name.
    Ramona Ivy -F- Ramona is truly an underused name that is beautiful and reminds me of innocence. Definitely my favorite on your list.
    Arwen ??? (any suggestions on middle name?)Arwen is a name I've never heard but I like the sound of it. Middle name suggestions:
    Arwen Elise
    Arwen Rose
    Arwen Juliet
    Arwen Faith
    Arwen Piper

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    I love Ramona Ivy. It outshines the others undoubtedly, in my opinion.
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    Ramona Ivy! Love that! I'd do Arwen Isabel, Arwen Olivia, Arwen Lydia, Arwen Isolde, Arwen Clara or Arwen Ruby personally.

    Roman Michael is a nice boy's name, but I'd suggest Ronan over Roman, just to be different.

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