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    I don't know a Huckleberry. I did go to school with a boy named M a s o n T u c k, and yes, even in the 70s, his surname was changed to *uck. I like different names, but I'm not sure I could keep a straight face if I was introduced to Senator Huckleberry X.


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    This is a name I just can't get behind. Sorry.
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    I don't know any Huckleberrys save Tom Sawyer's buddy. I don't particularly think it makes a good name. The teasing potential is too great. A huckleberry is also a kind of fruit. Maybe you could just name him Huck? If you really want it to be a nn Huck can be short for Henry, Hank and William (I don't get the last one, but hey).

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    Quote Originally Posted by smismar View Post
    This is a name I just can't get behind. Sorry.
    I agree. For me, it's not the Uck part, the name just has a silly feel to it imo. Maybe the connection to an old cartoon character, maybe the sound of it, I'm not quite sure what it is, but I don't get a masculine, adult vibe from it. I think of a small child or a pet maybe.

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    I love the name... so though I didn't answer your question as to whether I knew an adult with the name.
    He'd be the first professional i called as I knew he came from a great family with a name like that

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