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    I can't answer your question but I think if you named him Huxley nn Huckleberry you would have a more usable name.

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    I personally do no know anyone named Huckleberry. I wish I did I adore Huckleberry! I would use it without hesitation if I could.
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    I grew up with one and everyone loved his name. He died when he was 19, so my feelings about the name are colored by my adoration of the person we lost. I don't know if his name would have been an issue as he grew older, but I know it wasn't an issue in childhood or as a teen. I sometimes dream of having a little Huckleberry myself, but won't because there were people who loved him more who I feel have more of a right to the name for a child, if that makes sense.

    We grew up in a very small town in NorCal USA, if that makes any difference. It's an eclectic mix of rednecks, hippies, and immigrants from Mexico, and I don't remember anyone ever teasing him.

    Give him a traditional middle so he has the option to go by something else if he ends up hating it. Hopefully, he'll love it as much as you do.

    As for the "he'll get called fuckleberry!" I read on here from time to time, if Lucky, Chuck, Buckley and Tucker manage, so will Huckleberry!
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    If both his parents are unreservedly proud of his name & enjoy saying it, it makes you smile when you think of it, then that will translate to your son and hopefully he will be just as proud if not, more so, of his name. I do also like Rollo's suggestion of using Huxley as a name with nn. Huck, Hux or Huckleberry. But I might tend to lean that way as I have a close friend with a 2yr old Huxley whereas I have never met a Huckleberry. I think you may find Brit-berries could prefer Huxley but Ameriberries would prefer Huckleberry based on what is more familiar however both are probably equally uncommon in each country. I think the above berries have given some great advice and although kids are brutal they can also be extremely accepting of unique names as though he was just another Jack or Josh as that is and has always been his name - Huck.

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    My husband and I were in the same situation. I still feel very drawn to the name, but in the end we moved in a different direction. I just found it hard to imagine a 45 year old investment banker named Huckleberry. Then again, I doubt a child of mine would become an investment banker, we're pretty artsy-fartsy! It's resurfaced again recently, though. Dh is a clinical psychologist and he said to me, if you saw three practitioner names on a website: Channing T_______ (his name), John McAlister, and Huckleberry Smith, which one would you call first? I immediately said Huckleberry. So maybe it is back in the running again.

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