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Thread: Aristotle

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    What do you think of the name Aristotle?

    I have been going back and forth between Atlas and Aristotle because my last name starts with an "S" (similar to S M I T H). Atlas Smith? The two S's run together (is that a bad thing???). I have been thinking about using Aristotle instead.

    So what do you think? Atlas or Aristotle? And middle names would be nice

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    Atlas by a mile.

    Aristotle sounds too over the top and pretentious for me.

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    How about Ariston? (ancient ruler of Sparta, also there was a Greek poet/scholar...I suspect it was relatively common in ancient Greece) Maybe something like Ariston Xavier Smith
    Ariston Olivier Smith
    Ariston Ozias Smith

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    Both feel like over the top names for me personally but I chose Aristotle because this seems more like a name. With Atlas it is so much a book of maps/part of the body I just can't quite picture it on a person. Take my thoughts with a grain of salt as my style is just different. In a way I like the idea of Atlas, as though you are saying he could go anywhere..makes me think of adventure.

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    Atlas for sure. Aristotle is way too pretentious.

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