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    Stuck on Soren's Middle Name

    We've decided on Soren for sure as a first name (so not looking for opinions on that please). It's really hard to find a middle name to go with that though. Here are the problems we've come across:

    -A lot of names turn Soren into "Sore and ___" (Soren Wilder turns into sore and wild...).
    -We can't choose anything that ends with "er" because of our last name ends with that.
    -Something is unappealing to me about having 2 names that end with the "en" sound.

    That rules out most of the names we like. I know the go-to when you're stuck for a middle is a family name, but we're not fans of naming after family members for several reasons.

    We're really open when it comes to middle names, just looking to see what people think sounds good with Soren. We'd love lots of ideas to consider please!


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    Hmm Soren is a name I haven't heard but it has a nice ring. Here are some of my suggestions for a middle name

    Soren Joseph
    Soren Patrick
    Soren Dominic
    Soren Elliott
    Soren Francis
    Soren Fredrick

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    I really love Soren! Great pick! I think you don't need to worry about the "Sore and" dilemma. I went to school with a boy who was named Soren and his last name was an English word (think Wise) and I NEVER thought it sounded like "Sore and..." Pick what you love! But just to be safe, you can stay away from word names.

    Is there a historical figure you are fond of who you would want to use as a namesake? Peter Pan? Thurgood Marshall? That would be a good place to start.

    Soren James
    Soren Jude
    Soren Jasper
    Soren Henry
    Soren Edmund
    Soren Theo
    Soren Miles
    Soren Alder
    Soren Scott
    Soren Alexander

    Now I'm just listing names I like, but if you are able to give us an idea of what kind of names you like, whether you like one, two or three syllables, or if there IS anyone you want to honor, then I would be able to help better.
    Names I enjoy:

    Girls: Lucy, Elena, Lake, Sylvie

    Boys: Jack, Eamon, Sylvan, Theo

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