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    Ok the last time... Augustin vs Augustus

    So we are 99.9 percent sure we want to use Augustin if our next one is a boy.

    But we both actually prefer the name Augustus. It has great history and it sounds better with our last name pronounced like Winn and we like the sound better.

    The problem? My husbands name is C@es@r.

    So I've asked this before but got mixed responses and thought I'd ask again.

    Do you think that is just too corny? Or do you think it's a sweet connection? What would you think of a real life father son pairing of these two names?

    Thanks for your help we are pretty torn. Well I am anyway. He thinks its fine but I have reservations.

    Also, I know August is going to be recommended but my husband does not like the name so that compromise is out.

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    Bump. Anyone?

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    I can see where you are concerned about Augustus with his father's name. I think that if you both truly prefer Augustus then go for it. I like Augustin too, but I think you should go with the one that feels right to y'all! Good luck, either way his name will be awesome.

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    Personally, I prefer the name Augustus. But I see what you mean about the Caesar thing! I'm with you about going with Augustin. Caesar and Augustus is a little much. That's just my opinion though.

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    I prefer Augustin to Augustus. Good luck!

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