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    Rhys, Reese, or Reece?

    I'm not sure how serious I am about this name yet, but it has been on my mind the past day or so. My only hang up is the spelling of it. I really like the Rhys spelling, but even though I know it isn't, I am afraid other will think this spelling is trendee or kre8ive.

    What do you as a berry think of this name and the different spellings?

    What do you think a non-berry would think?

    Does the name even sound alright with my step-children's names (Josiah, Stella, and Emma) or am I way off base?

    Other first name suggestions are welcome as well (bonus points if they sound well with either the middle name Andrew or Charles)!
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    I love Rhys. It's a traditional (Welsh) spelling, actually. Reese/Reece are Anglicized spellings of the same name-- so those are actually the "kre8tyv" spellings.

    I can see how a non-berry might think you are taking liberties with the english language, but rest assured that your name choice is well-grounded in history. As for the siblings, I think it blends nicely.

    Alternate ideas:


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    I love Rhys! I don't like any of the other spellings. Rhys is the most masculine love it!

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    I love Rhys as well. I think it looks nice and I don't think anyone will think twice about it. It sounds nice with the other children's names too.
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    I'm another berry who loves Rhys. There are a few famous bearers of that name (Rhys Ifans, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, John Rhys Davies and Matthew Rhys, to name a few), so it might not be as confusing for others as you think. As to whether it sounds well with Josiah, Stella and Emma, I think Rhys would fit in nicely with his older brother and sisters' names
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