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    I also thought of Sex in the City. I think Smith could work, but only if his last name was uncommon and unambiguous. Smith Aarons would be a no-go, whereas Smith Arstingall has the potential to work.

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    Thanks everyone for the opinions! I definitely understand all of the points that were made. Except I haven't watched Sex and the City, so I have no idea what the connection is there. I will probably look into that. To me, yes Smith is a rather boring last name, however as a first name I think it loses all of the "boringness" since it's not commonly used as a first name. A lot of names that I like are surnames, most of them are just not common like Smith, so I guess that's just my style.

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    I like it, and while I've seen Sex and the city episodes/movies, apparently they didn't make much of an impression on me...I don't tend to remember the characters' names from things like that. I've known some really great people w/the surname Smith, and odds are good it's a surname from somewhere in your ancestry if you could expand it enough to find it. I think it's a fine first name.

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    I think first of Mary Poppins:

    "I knew this chap with a wooden leg named Smith."
    "Oh? What was the name of his other leg?"
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