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    Question Twins! Boy/girl to match older brother Theo and sis Adele

    I've been spinning my wheels on this one, so I'd love your thoughts.

    We have two children:

    Theodore James (surname Wordelman), nn Theo, with mn James as a tribute to his dad
    Adele Johanna (Wordelman), nn Della or Della Jo, with mn Johanna as a tribute to dad's great-grandma

    Sounds like it's my turn for a tribute, huh?

    For the little girl, I'm torn between...

    Rowan Emma, nn Romy. Romy is traditionally a German nickname for Rosemary, but my MIL hates Rosemary. I adore Rowan, and I think Romy still works given the mn here. Emma is my great-grandmother, so I'd love to have that symmetry with her big sis.


    Evangeline May or Evangeline Grace - just love this name, love the poem, and the nn possibilities are endless. My name is Angela/Angie, so it's kind of a way of passing that on too. But the mn here is not too special, and I'm worried that it's too much of a mouthful with our surname. I'd probably call her Evie, maybe Evie + middle name.


    For the wee boy, I'm just stuck. I'd like to use the middle name Eric, not because I particularly like the name (I don't, not for its own sake), but because we've known several really important, special people named Eric. I love that we could honor them all at once with this mn.

    You've probably guessed by now that I really like old fashioned names with sweet, short nicknames. But I do want them to stand out a little. We've considered:

    Samuel Eric
    Brendan Eric
    Liam Eric

    and discarded them all, more or less because they are too popular, though I like the sounds and the simplicity. I also really like the boy name Jack, but it doesn't seem to fit here.

    Becoming more desperate, I ventured:

    Lucien Eric (nn Luke) -- people say this strikes them as a bit evil-sounding, though.
    Bastian Eric -- from Sebasatian, which I don't like, but I do like Bastian. Problem is that it sounds kind of too much like Bastard for me.
    Malin Eric, nn Mal -- too unusual, I'm afraid....

    Then I thought about Bram Eric, or Bramwell... but I started worrying it was too strange. I have nothing against unusual names at all, but my preference is to stay more or less within the established-name territory for our kidlets.

    And finally, I like Remy Eric, but obviously we can't do that if we choose Rowan/Romy for the sister. I'm also unsure about how it'd feel to people (too girly? too odd?).

    What is your favorite of these choices? What pair would you choose? Any new suggestions?

    Our family background is mostly Dutch and German, with some Scottish thrown in as well. I also really love French names, though. I also like subtle nature-inspired names, as I'm a closet hippie.

    Thanks so much for your help!!

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    You have beautifully named children!

    For you new girl, if you like Rowan the best, then you should use it. Romy definitely works as a nickname. I also like the idea of having Emma as a middle to honor great-grandmother and have a connection to her sister. You could consider Rowan Evangeline as a combination, so you get a little bit of your name in her name. All you girl choices are wonderful.

    I like that you want to honor people named Eric with the boy's middle name. Of your boy choices, I like Lucien the best. I agree with your opinions on the other two. There are other names that can give you the nickname Luke that may sound less evil; although, I don't think it sounds that bad. Also, Lucien is French from Latin, so you have French like Adele, and you get a Latin name (Lucien) with a Greek name (Theodore). I like little connections like that.

    Because Lucien has those connections with the other siblings' names, it leaves Rowan out a bit. Evangeline has a French sound even though it is Greek. After all that, my favorites are Lucien Eric and Evangeline May/Grace/Emma/Rowan.

    Congratulations and good luck with naming!

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    I love your naming style!

    Romy definitely works for a nn for Rowan! I like Rowan Emma best

    Out of the boys names you have listed, I like Lucien best, but I think you could use the Finnish version of Eric; Eero = Lucian Eero. Maybe even "Emerick"? Similar to Emma, and is German too.

    Other ideas that may fit in with your style:

    Taggart Eero (Tag)

    Henry Eero (Hal)

    August Eero (Augie or Gus)

    Edmund Eero (Ned)

    Roderick Eero (Hodge)

    Oswald Eero (Ozzie or Wally)
    No Reserves. No Retreats. No Regrets.

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    Thanks so much! eechick, I really appreciate little connections as well. Usually I think more about the semantic or aesthetic connections, though. I've never put as much thought into the culture of origin, and that provided a really fruitful line of thought for me! Also, funnily enough, I never considered Adele to be a French name. For us it's a German family name, even though it's pretty much identical in French. Kind of a fun chameleon that way.

    Also, after reading your reply, I realized that I really really do love Rowan Emma... the name itself, plus the symmetry with her big sis! Also, I'm afraid Evangeline is challenging because E.W. doesn't work so well as an initial set. :/ E.E.W. is even worse.

    Therefore Rowan Emma it is, and that helps me with the boy name. No Remy, no R's. Now we just have to find something that pairs well and makes such an English-y sounding name a bit less lonely.

    withinreason, Lucien Emerick is beautiful! I really do love it, but after reflection and discussion with my husband, I think our style for boys probably tends towards the simpler side. Simple, handsome, but not super popular... quite the challenge. All the names you listed are good examples (Henry is especially nice). None of them feel quite right though...

    I started thinking about Samuel again, which is such a lovely strong name, and had almost settled on it- but I realized it doesn't sound great with our last name (the repetition of the -el sound, I think). Sam sounds good with the surname, but not with the mn. Argh!

    I looked at lots of others today, and finally I started thinking about Silas. In the past I always dismissed it as an old man-y name, associating it with the book Silas Marner... but hey, Silas turns out to be a wonderful man in the end. And I love the meaning, which I found through Sylvan/Silvan/Silvanus: man of the forest. We live in the forest, and my maiden name meant "round grove."

    Like Rowan, it's been popular in England. The meaning also works with Rowan in a beautiful, subtle way. But it's also a Greek-ish name, just like his older brother Theodore.

    Finally, a baby Silas could use the nickname Si... and we literally live in the shadow of a beautiful mountain called Mount Si.

    So what do you think, guys? Silas Eric W? Silas and Rowan? Or, as they'd be yelled for at dinnertime: Theo, Della, Romy and Si?

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    Rowan Emma, nn Romy is darling. We did something similar...dd is Rowan Dove, nn Rovie. You could have Rovie with Rowan Evangeline.

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