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    Depends. If the father is going to actually stick around a coparent, then he deserves equal say. If he is just going to be one of those deadbeats or "weekend dads", he shouldn't get any of it.

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    My husband would never go through the lists/books and make suggestions, so it was more practical for me to present him a list that I could live with and have him narrow it down. We both have veto power. For this baby, we came down to 2 names - one I preferred and one he preferred. We let our 4 year-old choose between them as the tie breaker (he "won"). It's his baby, too. Yes, I'm the one that's pregnant and has to give birth, but that's not exactly something he can take over for me.
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    I disagree among other things, more dads are choosing to stay at home with their kids. That being said the parent who works contributes something to the family an income and a salary for the stay-at-home parents to live on. Most families need at least one parent to work full-time in order to pay the bills for things like food, clothing, shelter, etc. I am always amazed at how selfish some stay-at-home parents, acting like they do everything while the working parent "only works" The parent who works pays the bills, usually otherwise the family has no income to live off of. I see working as being an equally valuable contribution to the family.
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    I would love to have a partner who is just as excited about names as I am. Even if it caused more fights over names, I would be happy knowing he cares so much about it- and would be happy to "lose" a fight if it meant he got to name our child a name he is passionate about.
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    I both agree and disagree with the article. My husband constantly rejects any name I suggest but never offeres any real reasons or name suggestions himself, unless it's something ridiculous like Jimbly-Jambly. So I get the frustration. I made my own lists and said he would just have to deal with it and pick a name when baby arives. I just couldn't do it though, I needed him to atleast like the names on the list. This baby is as much his as it is mine.

    About a week ago I give up on even naming this baby because as much as I wanted to tell him he had lost his right help name the baby because he was being unreasonale, that's really not fair. Then something I consider to be as close to a miracle as I will ever wittnes happened. He bought up baby names with me! He listened to what names I like and why I like then. then he even agreed with me! I feel so much better knowing we made the choice together.
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