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Thread: Mandolin Maeve

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    I think Mandolin Maeve is stunning. Not only is your family connection wonderful, a mandolin is also a beautiful instrument!

    Although it is odd, it's not insane at all. It sounds so similar to Mandy Lynn, which no one would think is weird at all. It just sounds natural as a name.

    The only issue I have is a nickname. You may have no plans of using a shorter name at all, but it's something that naturally just happens. I can't really think of a suitable nickname that isn't just Mandi, which would ruin the charm.

    That aside, I think it's a very quirky, yet totally lovable and usable name for your baby girl.

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    It's lovely (I'm a music person)! Although, since it's attached to a child my brain wants assume it's a typo and read it as, Madolin- a kre8tive spelling for Madeline.

    I think you'll be safe since I doubt the average Joe even knows what a mandolin is. They'll just hear 'Manda Lynn' and assume her name is Amanda Lynn.

    I prefer Maeve.

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    Mandolin is actually a nice-sounding name, and since it has significance I would use it. I'm one for alliteration, (especially with the rich M sounds!) so I like Mandolin Maeve.
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    I think Mandolin is a fabulous idea! It's an unusual word name (which I love!) with enough phonetic similarity to mainstream names like Madeline, Amanda, etc that it can sort of fly under the radar when necessary. I love that you've chosen a name with such personal significance. Haters are always gonna hate, just stay secure in the knowledge that you love the name, and it's deeply meaningful to you.

    From my own personal aesthetic, I prefer Mandolin Eve. There's something very feminine and magical about it. Plus alliteration generally bugs the heck out of me (too many Baptist sermons as a child), so Mandolin Maeve is not my favorite option.

    Good luck, and props to you for originality
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    Quote Originally Posted by eriset View Post
    We are coming up with several names to take with us to the hospital and choosing once our daughter is born.

    One of the front runners is Mandolin Maeve or Mandolin Eve.


    EDIT: I'm adding a post I later made to explain why we like Mandolin. Using another name near that isn't the same. Thanks.

    "I was in the orchestra and my husband is very musical as well. My terminally-ill mother had planned to name me Mandolin before I was 2 weeks late and born on Christmas eve. I'm Holly Lynn btw. My daughter is due on the eve of my mother's birthday (Dec). I thought it an appropriate name. My husband is Irish, hence Maeve. We both enjoy poetry and the alliteration of MM."

    I can see the appeal with Mandolin due to the fact she's due the day before your mother's birthday, however, Maeve does not work with it. It may sound cute, but in the long run, the name just doesn't work as well as it should. Mandolin Eve is quite nice though, as well as;

    Mandolin Isobel
    Mandolin Aislinn (Ashlyn)
    Mandolin Elspeth
    Mandolin Roisin (Rosheen)
    Mandolin Aoife (ee-fa)
    Mandolin Caoimhe* (Kee-va, meaning beautiful)
    Mandolin Alana (Al-on-ah)

    also, may I suggest using your mother's name, or a variant of your mother's name? for example, if she was an Elizabeth, Mandolin Elizabeth is nice, but Mandolin Elspeth, Mandolin Ella, Mandolin Eliza, Mandolin Elise, and Mandolin Beth also sound nice.

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