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Thread: Mandolin Maeve

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    My mother wanted to name my sister Mandolin (middle name Marie) if I'd ever become a big sister. While I don't adore the name, I do think it's a nice one, and I wouldn't let people try to sway you off it. If you are already at the stage where baby is coming soon, I am sure you and your partner put a lot of thought into wanting to use that particular name as well as the con's of using it. And you decided it was the one! End of story.

    Maeve and Eve are both lovely. I slightly prefer Mandolin Eve as a combo as I think it sounds more lyrical, and two M's together with Mandolin Maeve is more on the cute side.
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    Frankly, I think Mandolin is silly. I also wouldn't advise naming your child Tambourine or Guitar. Maeve, on the other hand, is a strong and lovely choice. If you want an M- name with a musical meaning, how about Madrigal? Madrigal Maeve or Maeve Madrigal are beautiful choices.
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    If Mandolin is special to you, then stick to your guns. There is nothing bad about it. It's a word name for a musical instrument, and that's not a terrible thing! It's easy to pronounce, easy to spell, and has no negative connotations. I think Mandolin Maeve is lovely because alliteration is poetic, but Mandolin Eve might flow off the tongue slightly better.

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    I like Lyn/Lin names so this one is interesting to me. Mandolin seems perfectly usable to me although the nn of Mandy isn't my favourite one.

    I prefer Mandolin Maeve, I like the alliteration.

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    Thank you everyone. I was in the orchestra and my husband is very musical as well. My terminally ill mother had planned to name me Mandolin before I was 2 weeks late and born on Christmas eve. I'm Holly btw. My daughter is due on the eve of my mother's birthday. I thought it an appropriate name. My husband is Irish, hence Maeve. We both enjoy poetry and the alliteration of MM.

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