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Thread: Mandolin Maeve

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    Mandolin Maeve

    We are coming up with several names to take with us to the hospital and choosing once our daughter is born.

    One of the front runners is Mandolin Maeve or Mandolin Eve.


    EDIT: I'm adding a post I later made to explain why we like Mandolin. Using another name near that isn't the same. Thanks.

    "I was in the orchestra and my husband is very musical as well. My terminally-ill mother had planned to name me Mandolin before I was 2 weeks late and born on Christmas eve. I'm Holly Lynn btw. My daughter is due on the eve of my mother's birthday (Dec). I thought it an appropriate name. My husband is Irish, hence Maeve. We both enjoy poetry and the alliteration of MM."
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    I love Maeve! She could be your little M&M!

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    I like your mn choices, but not a fan of Mandolin. But, if you insist, I like Mandolin Eve best.
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    I dislike Mandolin, as it begins with the word man and the main association is a musical instrument. Maeve is very nice. How about Magdalen? Same sound, nickname Maggie, rich history, and not so odd.

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    I love Maeve but Mandolin is nms. A cute nn for mandolin could be Mandy. I like larkub101's suggestion of Magdalen. Magdalen Maeve sounds nice.
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