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    Down syndrome baby, need meaningful name!

    I posted a few weeks ago for opinions on my girl's names. Since then I've found out it's a boy. And after screening and a diagnostic test I've found out that the doctors are almost 100% certain my baby has down syndrome. Since then I have joined a support group for mothers with children with chromosomal problems. After spending time with some of the mother's babies and children I understand why they call it the Love Chromosome! I'm not scared anymore of raising a child with a disability. And I want the perfect name for my baby that has a special meaning.

    I was thinking of something that means Love or Friend.

    I'm so lost though because I've found that I am VERY picky about boy's names!

    Can you berries suggest some names that have the meaning I may be looking for? I'll reply with which I do and don't like so you can get a feel for my naming style.

    I've found that I love mythology names. So I was thinking a first name that means love or friend, etc. and a mythology middle.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and help me with this journey!

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    I suggest looking into Irish mythology for practical names. A lot of themes in Irish mythology are based around perseverance, inner strength, an love of family.
    I'm especially fond of the story of Finn McCool.

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    I once knew a Down Syndrome boy with the name of Paul, it fit him well and he was a very happy go lucky person. He went to my church, people at my church always said that he was there favorite person there. He always made me feel special because he would show that he recognized me and was excited for me to be there, even if it had been a few years since I last visited the area.

    Along the lines of what you were thinking Asher means Happy, which down syndrome children are a lot of the time.
    For the meaning of Love there is David/Davis, Connor, Milos, Jebediah, Lennan

    These are some options for middle names.

    Adonis - (handsome youth from Greek mythology)
    Ajax - (mythical Greek hero)
    Apollo - (Greek god of light, twin of Artemis)
    Ammon - (god of Thebes from Egyptian mythology)
    Ares - (Greek god of war)
    Arthur - (mythical British king)
    Atlas - (Greek god who held up the heavens)
    Beowulf - (from the Old English epic)
    Castor - (hero from Greek mythology, twin brother of Pollux )
    Damon - (from Greek mythology, Damon and Pythias story)
    Dionysius - (Greek god of wine)
    Dylan - (Celtic sea creature)
    Griffin - (from the Greek monster, the gryphon)
    Hermes - (Greek god of travel, roads)
    Kana - (Maui god)
    Leander - (tragic youth from Greek mythology)
    Loki - (Norse God)
    Odin - (Norse god)
    Odysseus - (Greek hero from the Iliad and Odyssey)
    Osiris - (God of the underworld from Egyptian mythology)
    Priam - (king of Troy from Greek mythology)
    Pollux - (hero from Greek mythology, twin brother of Castor)
    Thor - (Norse god)
    Tristan - (Cornish knight from Arthurian myth)
    Troilus - (Trojan prince from Greek mythology)
    Troy - (legendary city from Greek mythology)
    Týr - (God from Norse mythology)
    Ulysses - (variant of Odysseus)
    Wak - (Ethiopian supreme god)
    Wieland - (legendary smith from Germanic mythology)
    Zeus - (king of the gods in Greek mythology)

    Good luck to you!
    Favorite girl names: Lydia Jane, Irene Cecile, and Annetta Katherine.

    Favorite boy names: ???

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    Well, my son's name is Bennett. It means Blessed little one. I always thought the meaning was so precious!

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    Boys names related to/meaning "love":

    Dai (beloved)
    Drury (love, friendship - double meaning!)
    Kendi (the loved one)
    Amando (worthy of love)
    Carwyn (fair love)
    David (beloved)
    Keefe (handsome, beloved)

    Names meaning/related to "friend":
    Ames (friend)
    Corwin (heart's friend)
    Edwin (prosperous friend)
    Alvin (noble friend)

    I don't know if any of those will be your style. You could do something more out of the box but still linked to love or friendship like naming him after someone you admire that has those qualities, or like the previous poster said, draw inspiration from myths and stories about love and friendship.

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