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    Thoughts on Ivy?

    Please be brutally honest!

    I have always had a soft spot for the name Ivy. I like that it isn't overly used but still recognized. It's sassy and sweet without being overly cutesy and also ages well which is important to me. The only concern I really have is the teasing potential that it carries. I'm worried she will be called Poison Ivy or even worse I.V as in intravenous. Thoughts? Comments? Concerns?

    Also, since Ivy is so short, I'm leaning towards a middle with 3 syllables. I was thinking of maybe using Annabelle or Anabel after my mom. Not sure which spelling I like more though. Would like more suggestions as well.


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    I adore Ivy. I don't think you have to worry about teasing at all. Ivy Annabelle is a really sweet name.

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    Ivy is a lovely name but I said Poison Ivy in my head as I read the name so not sure it could shake that tag off....

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    Not sure of your style, but Ivy Clementine is the first middle name I thought of. It's cute. Don't worry about poison ivy...there's always something to tease someone about, otherwise, you would have to use Ava, or Jane or whatever is in the top 10 right now (and share the name with 3 others in her class).
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    I like it. I know a little girl named Ivey and she wears it very well. Her mom has mentioned her being called Poison Ivey a few times, but in every case the kid calling her that was a little boy with a crush on her.

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