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    Isabella nn Bella or Issa- Lovely, though Isabella is quite common where I am
    Aphrodite nn Rio- Not my style
    Persephone nn Percy- Love! I would use Sephy as the nickname instead of Percy
    Isolde- Not my style but could have the nice nn Issa as well
    Hermione- Love it! Also well know enough that it should be pronounce correctly
    Antigone- I love Antigone as I played her in a drama exam at school. Pronunciation might be an issue if you're not in Greece.
    Electra- Love it, feminine and spunky
    Artemis- Not my style, and although I know this is a goddess's name it still sounds too masculine to me
    Anastasia- Love, maybe Anya for short?
    Pandora- Okay, a solid name
    Niobe- I'm not sure how to pronounce this one so can't really comment.

    His list :

    Grey,Wolf, Pierce, Caymen- to me these are all boys' names and seem far too masculine for a girl or woman
    Ever- Pretty, I like it and much more feminine than the other names suggested.
    Scout- Okay, not my style but could work well.

    I think you and your partner have very different styles. He seems to verge more to masculine names, whereas yours are quite feminine/
    Married to a wonderful man & pregnant with our first child

    Lilith - Vesper - Willow - Lark - Viola - Rosalie - Meredith - Layla - Amy - Phoebe - Bethany
    Zachary - Ash - Frost - Axel - Marshall - Raphael - Malachi - Rowan - Harvey - Monroe - Griffin - Briar

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    Your list is gorgeous! Love so many of the names on yours. His leaves a lot to be desired, the only name on his list that I could even see on a little girl is Scout.

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    @ ottilie , i know we are sooo different ! i love Briseis , Helene ( althought i prefer Helen ) , Leto , Hero & Ione !! Thanks again !!

    @ mbrow222 Thanks for the suggestions ! i really like Callista , Athena , Circe and while i adore Lavinia i cant use it .

    @ staceyxo You are inside of my mind ?? I was thinking too to put my names on the first and his on the second but i dont think he would agree lol . Thanks !!

    @ collmcc523 Thanks !! I know their better for puppies I LOVE Ophelia & Selene ! I also like Lydia , Isis , Phoebe & Cassandra !!

    @ sweekune Thanks for your opinions !! Niobe pronounces ny - oh - be .

    I think the biggest problem is to find a name we both like . Any more suggestions would be appreciatted

    PS Do you no any female names with the nn Wolf ?

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    @ jtucker Thank you so much !! I aslo only like Scout form his list but only as a nn and i dont like Scarlett . Any suggestions ?

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    What do you think of Wolfsbane nn Wolf or Wolfie on a girl ?

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