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    Thanks for feedback. Seems could def go either way for people. I think if Edgar felt like too much for a little boy, at least Eddie is a nice nn option. My grandfather and uncle are both Ed's (Edward).
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    Quote Originally Posted by kala_way View Post
    The eggs thing must be UK related because I don't understand that connection. Maybe it's my accent.

    It's a tad unusual and definitely on the vintage train, but I don't mind it. I might like Edwin better.
    Yeah, I agree. I'm a bit confused by the egg thing.

    I really like Edgar! I'd be thrilled to meet a little Edgar. I like Ned as a nickname for it.

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    I have to go along with the pro-Edgar crowd. I think its kind of interesting and the nn Ned or Eddie gives it kid appeal.

    (I don't get the egg thing either)

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    I love the name Edgar! Reminds me of pro baseballer Edgar Martinez. I'm a Mariners fan so he is a great with us, good association.

    It's probably not the more popular of the Ed- names, but it is my favorite of them. I think it works with Mhairi and Fiona.
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    I don't really like it at all, tbh. It reminds of of the bad butler in The Aristocats and being the first name of a very strange teacher I used to have. I much prefer Edmund.
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