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Thread: Men and names

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    Men and names

    I know I've seen a thread like this before but I was shocked to hear what my son-in-law thought were great names for girls.


    How my daughter got him to agree to Levi is beyond me. He says these names are beautiful and girly. He said he told my dd he liked Rosalie but thinks its an old lady name. And he is very opinionated.

    I never had this issue with my DH, he was suggesting Zoe, Claire and Jocelyn back in the early 80's when we had kids. Which were not trendy at all!

    Do you have the SIL version of namers or the DH version? What are their faves? I just need to know.

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    I think men often want to name their daughters the names of the girls that were popular when they were teenagers. Luckily for me, Husband went to an all boy boarding school. His favourite names for a girl are Morgana, Cleopatra, Guinevere and Boadicea. For a boy Casimir and Remus.
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    Well I am the man in the relationship and I'm much more opinionated and like the odder names. Anna likes names similar to hers. She likes Annabelle, Jennifer, Audrey etc. I like Eilonwy, Gwenllian, Epona, Eluned, Yvaine, Etain...I just noticed I really like E names.
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    DH is the same. He only really considers names that are in the top 100. Anything outside of that is either too 'old person' or too weird.
    He is very opinionated on boys names and will offer suggestions. But when it comes to girls names he has no suggestions, and just tells me when he doesn't like my options.
    It drives me crazy!
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    My husband is very much like your SIL, unfortunately. He only seems to like names he is familiar with, especially those he associates with loved ones. (His girl suggestions are Helen and Shirley). He thinks just about anything I suggest is really out-there. You can see my top names in my signature; they're pretty tame!

    I think part of the reason some men have more conservative or old-school taste is they are less involved in the kid realm. My husband's work primarily has him associating with older people, whereas I work in a church so I see little kids all the time, and of course my friends are constantly talking about their kids, their kids' friends, etc. The result of this is my husband has no idea what names are actually common among kids and what is dated. Actually, I should start suggesting a bunch of the weirder names from the SSN (Jazzlyn, Nevaeh, and Genesis perhaps!) just to soften him up for my favourites!
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