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    No. Please no.

    Honestly, would you want to go through life as a girl/woman called Gregory? I wouldn't. It's incredibly unattractive and masculine on a girl.

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    Gregory is not a feminine name at all to me! Why not save the name for a future son? If you must use it for a daughter put it in the middle.
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    I agree that Gregory is pushing the boundary too far gender-wise.

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    I agree with jeska, jazz1509, and namefan.

    Gregory on a girl is all sorts of bad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nono View Post
    I wouldn't mind it as a middle name, especially since it honors. I would recommend against it as a first name for a girl. I don't think the sounds work well on a girl, and I think it would cause a lot of confusion and just be hard to wear in general.
    I completely agree with this.
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