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    Greer, please? Garnet, Rory, Greta, Gloria may work. Gregory on a girl would be awful.

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    I wouldn't mind it as a middle name, especially since it honors. I would recommend against it as a first name for a girl. I don't think the sounds work well on a girl, and I think it would cause a lot of confusion and just be hard to wear in general.

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    Only if you would give a grandmother's name to your son. Otherwise, I would consider his surname instead. Is it usable?
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    I really don't think so - it's not as if it ends in -a or has a particularly "feminine" sound (sorry, I know some traditionally male names have "softer" sounds, but you know what I mean). I'm not a fan in general of boys names on girls though, so this might be just not my style. However, I feel the same way about Rory, which is almost (well, to my - limited - knowledge) overwhelmingly masculine here in England. Good luck anyway - I think a Fl.OR.a could conceivably honour a Greg.OR.y? Sorry!

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    Quote Originally Posted by justanamelover View Post
    Oh dear, that seems far too masculine for a little girl. Not meaning to be rude. And I think Rory is very masculine as well.
    Greer is the Scottish female form of Gregory, and would suit a little girl much better. I'm not personally a fan of the name Greer, but it's better than Gregory in my opinion.
    There's also Gregoria and Gregorina.
    I agree with justanamelover. Greer would be a lot nicer than Gregory.

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