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    Thoughts on Myriam?

    A new name we're considering is Myriam. I prefer this spelling, which is a genuine French spelling, but my husband worries it may look too trendy. What do you think? Is it ready for a comeback? Can we use it even if we're not Jewish? And how do you like it with Amelia as a sibset? Thanks!

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    The y does make it look trendy. Amelia and Miriam would be gorgeous together, but I can't quite get behind Myriam.

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    I love Miriam and it goes beautifully with Amelia. It's classic, feminine and uncommon but familiar. A winner.

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    I adore Miriam, it's on my list. I prefer the Hebrew spelling, Miriam, as I think Myriam looks trendy. Miriam and Amelia are great together! Go for it

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    Thank you ladies for your input.

    All the Myriams I've met were French and that's how they spelled their name. As I said, it's the traditional French spelling. But I can see why it could be considered as being a trendy spelling by some/most over here.

    Oh well, I love the name no matter the spelling, so I can go with Miriam.

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