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    Just found out I'm expecting.

    Hey ladies.
    So, I just found out I'm expecting.
    Names have never really been a question. If its a boy, he'll be named after his father.
    A girl, however, poses a problem with the middle name.
    I'm thinking Eire Mae Paisley Webber, but I'm open to suggestions.
    I want something in honor of my father (Paul Thomas John).

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    Eire Mae is really pretty. Is Paisley an attempted feminisation of Paul? I like it, it's interesting. (Webber is the last name?)

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    Yes, Paisley would be for Paul and Webber is the husbands last name.

    Originally I was thinking Eire Jo, as Jo is my mothers name, but I don't like how that flows.

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    I like all of your names but I think that Eire Paisley Mae flows best. I think Paisley is a great female version of Paul!

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    i have to admit not a big fan of paisley. some ideas for names to honour your father: pabla jayne paulina janine thomasine joy janice jeanette jeanine jeanne
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