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    Thoughts on Eli? Middle name suggestions.

    After a lot of debate we're warming up to the name Eli for our January baby. What do you think if it on its own? Neither of us are crazy about Elijah, Elliot, etc.

    I also wonder if it's getting too common. What does a #44 ranking mean in terms of the number of little boys named Eli running around the park or sitting in the classroom? I think it might be okay--like it's a name that people have heard of, but there won't be droves of Eli's. For now, at least.

    Any suggestions for middle names? Perhaps 3 syllables or perhaps starting with a consonnant. Our last name is 2 syllables and is like this: Br...., rhymes with beetle.

    Other names either my husband or I like: Daniel, Andrew, Evan, Lawrence, Jonas, Soren

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    It's on my list as...

    Eli Shepherd

    Probably won't use it for a first boy, but it sits there waiting

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    I think Eli stands find on its own.

    According to Wolfram Alpha, Eli is indeed #44, which means it is given as a first name to ~8000 per year. According to The Baby Name Wizard it was given to 2000 kiddos per million last year. The Name Mapper on that site shows it is most popular in North Dakota right now (#29). It's also quite popular in Vermont, West Virginia, South Dakota and Indiana. It's not in the top 100 in AZ, CA, NV, NM, TX, MA, NJ or FL.

    Suggestions for middle name:
    Eli Andrew
    Eli Lawrence
    Eli Alexander
    Eli Nicholas
    Eli Christopher
    Eli Soren

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    When you combine variant spellings, Eli is actually not even top 50. Playground Analysis: The REAL Top 50 Names – Baby Name Blog - Nameberry

    Some of those Elijahs may be going by Eli, but I doubt it would make a huge difference in the numbers. Middle name ideas:

    Eli Nathaniel
    Eli Jonathan
    Eli Gideon
    Eli Mitchell
    Eli Benjamin
    Eli Jeremy
    Eli David
    Eli Caleb
    Eli Jacob
    Eli Thomas
    Eli Joshua
    Eli Zachary
    Eli Adam
    Eli Patrick
    Eli Anthony
    Eli Maxwell
    Eli Dominic
    Eli Sebastian
    Eli Graham

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    Have you thought about Elias? I really like pp suggestion of Eli Dominic.

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