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Thread: Down to two

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    I love them both so it came down to the middle name for me. I prefer Michaela Rose.

    As for Michaela being dated, it's been around since the 1800s. How can a classic be dated? The different "unique" spellings of it may be dated, but the name itself isn't.

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    Michaela Rose good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisco View Post
    I like Lucia Marie a lot! Feminizations are really not my style, I suppose : ) And there are three ways to pronounce Lucia: Italian (loo-chee-uh); Spanish (loo-see-uh); and English (loo-sha). I prefer the Italian form myself, and all three are equally valid. I think most people will be saying it the Spanish way.
    I prefer loo-chee-uh ---- though only with this middle name. My second choice (and general way of pronouncing the name) is loo-see-uh.

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    My first instinct is to pronounce Lucia and Loo-sha, like the island.
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    Lucia Marie (I say Loos-ee-a) however I know one that says it Looth-ia. Never hear of it that way.....It is still lovely.
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